Best Wines for Dinner

When planning a meal for a special dinner, it is common to be stumped on the question “What is the best wine to serve?”. From casual weeknight dinners to elegant dinner parties, these staple bottles of wine from Byrd Vineyard are sure to solve any pairing dilemma that you encounter. These wines are sure fire bets to be enjoyed by all of your dinner guests (whether that is a group of friends and family or even just yourself!). 

It is important to remember that you can elevate any food experience – from a casual get-together with a few friends to a larger event once it is safe to do so – with a delicious and bold wine. By thoughtfully selecting a complementary bottle of wine, your next dinner party is sure to be remembered by all! 

Thoughts to consider before selecting the perfect wine

  • How many people will be joining you for dinner and what are their wine preferences?
  • Will you be serving wine with appetizers or just for the main course?
  • How many different dishes will you be serving?
  • What kinds of foods will you be serving?

By taking into account the wine preferences of your guests as well as the types of food you are planning to serve, you can cover all of your bases in selecting the best possible wine for your dinner. For example, if your guests love big, bold reds and you are planning on grilling up steaks, our 2009 Byrd Cabernet Sauvignon would pair beautifully. If you are planning on serving a pre-dinner charcuterie board filled with herby cheeses and sweet fig jams, our lush and sophisticated 2010 Byrdeaux Red Wine would be amazing to have on hand. 

Pairings based on what’s for dinner

We all know that a fantastic wine enhances any meal — even more so when the wine is carefully paired with a food known to delectably complement its flavors. For example, sweet and herbaceous Merlot is known to bring out delicious flavors in beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and Italian dishes with plenty of rich red sauce. The sophisticated flavors of rich berries and notes of herbaceous aromatics in our 2010 Byrd Merlot would bring out the mouth-watering flavors of garlic and herbs in dishes such as roast chicken with thyme and onions, garlic lover’s roast beef, and baked garlic butter pork tenderloin.   

Cabernet Sauvignon is known as the ultimate wine to pair with a juicy steak or red meat of any and all kinds. With beautifully integrated aromas of cassis and dark chocolate, our award-winning 2012 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is the best of the best. Featuring bold flavors of black cherry, blueberry, and sweet French oak, the silky tannins and full body of this wine will stand its own against a powerful steak. This ultimate steak with garlic butter, lamb chops with garlic and herbs, and even a burger smothered in blue cheese and caramelized onions would be a match made in heaven.

At the end of the day, there are no rules when it comes to pairing food and wine! Don’t feel restricted by traditional wine pairing rules. Serve your favorite wine with your favorite foods and you are sure to have a delicious meal that all of your guests will enjoy! 

Have a variety of wines on hand and let your guests choose

To best satisfy all of your guests, it is recommended that you keep a variety of wines on hand and let your guests choose their favorites. Consider stocking up on bold Cabernet Sauvignon, subtly sweet Merlot, and a luxurious and versatile Red Wine Blend. Whichever Byrd Vineyard wine your guests choose is sure to be the star of the show! 

Quality wine delivered straight to your door

For over a decade, Byrd Vineyard has been bringing you high-quality and elegant wine — at a price that doesn’t break the bank. For even more convenience, we are now offering delivery straight to your door. Check here to see if we deliver to your state!

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