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Kristy Wenz
Kristy Wenz@kristys_winetravels
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This bottle here is the 2012 Red Blend featuring Cab Sauv, Merlot and Cab Franc. It was aged in 40% new French oak for 30 months. On opening the tannins were tight and quite prevalent with notes of dark cherries and blackberries dancing around the edges. 
It was initially what I would describe as a timid and shy personality. It totally gave me an image of a shy kid on the first day of school - hands in pockets, shoulders up and tight, but whose feet are shuffling around and eyes glimmering as he watches the kids around him, totally wanting to jump in and play. 
And like that shy little guy, after an hour or two, in this case in a glass, an entirely different personality emerged - one not afraid to play or shine. Here both red and black fruit flavors were jumping from the glass. Whisps of violets danced above the rim with blackberries, dark cherries and spices to follow and there was a distinct underlying herbal character. 
On the palate, those previously tight tannins had softened elegantly lending a backbone of structure to this incredibly bright and fruit forward wine. It showed a beautiful balance of flavor, acidity, structure and a generous finish. It retains those big Bordeaux style qualities, but also demonstrates an elegance and remarkable purity of fruit flavor. It was a pleasure!
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Wines with altitude. Yep, said that right. Altitude not attitude...although this wine does have a bit of sass to it.
Byrd Vineyard produces some phenomenal estate grown red wines from the highest-elevation vineyards in California. This altitude + volcanic soil crafts vibrant yet delicacy in this award-winning Cabernet.
➰ Initially I got cherry and blueberry jolly rancher vibes from this wine. After letting it open up a bit, it really shines!🌟The black cherry comes through with notes of vanilla, cassis, rose and red currant. Lovely structure, yet elegant and silky + a racy finish. Who has tasted wines from Mendocino? High recommend this one.
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All dressed up with nowhere to go rings all too true this year... But all the more reason to treat ourselves to some fabulous fine wine. ⁣⁣ Hey, happy first day of Winter! ☃️ We've been getting of plenty of snow and should be on track to a white Christmas around here And making the season extra special, I was lucky enough to receive a few beautiful bottles from @byrdvineyard I've heard great things from my CA wine friends and was ecstatic for Byrd's reserve Mendocino Cabernet Sauvignons and Red Blend. The labels alone are simply stunning, and you can see Jack secure a spot on the 'Naughty List' trying to get into them early. ⁣⁣ This weekend we enjoyed Byrd's 2012 Red Blend along with a sharp cheese plate and hearty potato chowder. The bold blend of Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, and Merlot has heavy aromas and flavors of dark fruit. Full-bodied, jammy and very smooth! We decided to save the Cab Sauv vintages for a special side-by-side Christmas tasting, since we'll be hanging at home for the holiday. Looking forward to sharing a glass or two with you all virtually. ⁣ Check out more from Byrd Winery and shop their full list of high-alitude wines
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‘But what if I fall...’ oh my darling what if you fly?”
I am so excited to share this winery with you, Byrd Vineyards! @byrdvineyard If reds wines scare you off because of their high tannins than this might be your answer.
These grapes come from the highest elevation vineyards in California (like above the fog line high). This means that the grapes have been growing in a cooler climate that produces more intense berry and phenolic flavors.
On top of amazing berry flavors because of the elevation the soil includes some volcanic ferrous content because of the Mayacamas Range.
⠀If you’re feeling like dry January isn’t the best option then I suggest snagging yourself some of these amazing bottles!
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Nothing beats going on a cruise in the Stang 😎 It’s latest adventure was up to the Top of the World in Laguna Beach. Sitting at about 1,000 feet, this destination doesn’t come close in elevation to the vineyards at Byrd Vineyard.
Byrd’s estate grown wines are created at a high altitude, we’re talking 2,400 feet! This is among the highest in the state and yields smaller, more intense berries with better phenolics as well as softer tannins and higher acids. I can’t wait to try these bottles and share them with you all! Are you a fan of high altitude wines?
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I had the pleasure of enjoying The Red Blend from Byrd Vineyard. This 2012 vintage is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. This wine had a delicious aroma of dark fruit with a big bold finish. ⁣ ⁣
Byrd Vineyard is in Mendocino, California. Their vineyard is at 2,400 feet elevation which lead to softer tannin and higher acid wines. Wines from altitude! ⁣ ⁣⁣
If you need some big bold reds this holiday season, check out and use code sipsandtripsbyrdvip! for 10% off your entire purchase! ⁣ ⁣⁣
I plan on opening the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon over Christmas, I’ll be sure to let you know what I think!

The finest wines have always been the product of place, soil, terroir, elevation:

The tiniest fraction of all wines of the vintage. This is extreme farming…150 days here is like 180 days on the valley floor: the vines don’t shut down. The higher you get, the sun radiates more…and these vineyards are at an amazing 2400 feet…softer tannins, higher acids. Wines from altitude: richer extraction, higher intensity of phenolics and photosynthesis, UV penetration; all altitude-specific qualities yielding rounded, elegant, beautifully balanced examples of extract and finesse. From the geographical perspective alone, this is one of the most special places in California. From the vignerons perspective, this far northern end of the Mayacamas Range offers persistent sunshine without too much heat enabling balanced phenolics of brilliant ripeness and acidity. Virtually nothing intrudes between the mountain and the Pacific Coast in this remote new wine region.


Ten years ago mountain pioneer Bruce Byrd began climbing these peaks and exploring these volcanic soils.

Byrd’s vineyard is blessed with mountainous terrain: marine sediments, shale, sandstone, chert, and gravel, These are the highest-elevation vineyards in California. So far above the fog line, the cooler temperatures produce smaller, significantly more intense berries and phenolics. Occasional temperature inversions hasten ripening and stave off frost. This quality and purity of ripeness and intensity of flavor shines in our Byrd Vineyard wines.


Above the fog line at this high altitude, our soils have no shortage of volcanic ferrous content… after all, this is the extension of the Mayacamas Range south to Mount Veeder and Monte Rosso. We really like the amazing soils. It’s red volcanic loam with a lot of pebble-sized gravel in it. You really get the clarity of the fruit at this elevation. “Pine Mountain (Byrd’s new AVA neighbor) will be recognized as one of the top regions in California for Cabernet”, says Hugh Reimers.


Byrd Vineyards’ Estate Wines are now available.

Bruce Byrd and his workers hand-harvest, de-stem and cold-soak prior to fermentation, meticulously working to emphasize the ripe, bright, unique character of Byrd’s Estate Vineyard wines.
Taste wines from altitude!

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These are showing very well now with deep blue and black fruit and medium-plus body.
Rich and delicious. Tannins still strong but opened up after 20-30 minutes. Leather and coffee undertones. Well made.
Clear dark ruby. Cassis, leather, and spice nose. Medium to full bodied, piercing cherries, pepper, sweet tannins, sage, some heat, and a medium finish. A nice streak of pure fruit with enough structure to keep it interesting.