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Just like how a hearty meal is remiss without a bold and smooth glass of red wine, the same goes for a satisfyingly sweet dessert to end your dinner. Most of us can agree that two of the best, most delectable parts of every meal are the wine and the dessert — in fact, the perfect wine and dessert pairing can be the most memorable and delicious part of any evening. Byrd Vineyard’s rich, low tannin wines make a delicious pairing that have the right amount of acidity to pair with fruit-based desserts, the perfect degree of intensity that they will not overpower a rich dessert, and a delectable amount of subtle sweetness that complements any sugary end to a meal. 

2010 Byrd Cabernet Sauvignon 

Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its big, bold flavor profile. With complex layers, silky tannins, and subtly sweet notes of berry and cocoa, this wine is the perfect complement for a rich dessert. With such a luscious wine, it is important to remember not to pair with too delicate a dessert as to not overpower it. This full-bodied wine pairs beautifully with either rich and fruity desserts or chocolatey confections that elevate and complement the deep flavor of the wine.


When pairing a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, create a dessert based around dark berries and fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, plums, and dark cherries. A blueberry cobbler or blackberry sorbet will delightfully complement the notes of dark fruits found in the Cabernet Sauvignon. Plus, the contrast in temperature between the wine and a chilled dessert would make an interesting and enjoyable pairing.

Another intriguing dessert pairing with Cabernet Sauvignon is anything with the delectable combination of dark chocolate and raspberry. The rich chocolate and subtly sweet raspberries create a match made in heaven on their own — but when paired with Cabernet Sauvignon, the dessert truly shines! Anything from chocolate cake with raspberry frosting to a silky chocolate raspberry mousse or even sinfully fudgy raspberry truffles would pair amazingly with our fruit-forward wine.


Sweet, silky chocolate pairs amazingly with the bold flavors of our luscious Cabernet Sauvignon. An intense chocolate souffle or creamy chocolate cake adorned with a heavenly mousse or fudgy ganache would certainly hold its own against full-bodied Cabernet. The classic combination of chocolate and creamy, buttery caramel would also make a delectable addition to any dessert menu, as it brings out the subtle aromas of vanilla in our red wine. A sweet and salty chocolate and salted caramel tart or gooey chocolate caramel bars would surely be luscious enough to stand up against a complex and layered red wine.

2010 Byrd Merlot 

A smooth wine with hints of red fruits and aromatics such as vanilla and cedar, our 2010 Byrd Merlot makes a delicious complement to any rich and succulent dessert. To bring out the wine’s flavors of red berries, a fruit tray filled with blackberries, red grapes, black cherries, and raspberries would be a deliciously sweet end to any meal. Fruit-based desserts such as pies, cobblers, or even chocolate-covered strawberries would also make an elegant course.

Of course, dessert wouldn’t be dessert without chocolate. Dark, rich chocolatey brownies and gooey chocolate cake beautifully complement the subtly sweet deep red wine. Since the wine has soft notes of herbs and spices, it would also pair well with a variety of chocolate-and-nut-based treats. A heavenly rich and decadent chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake, for example, would be luxuriously delicious.

A dessert that is unconventional yet amazing none-the-less, a cheese plate would make an elegant and memorable end to any meal. Fill your tray with a variety of cheeses including aged cheddar, smoky gouda, soft goat cheese, nutty Gruyere, and herbed brie — as well as some mixed nuts and fresh fruits. With so many delicious flavors going on, you won’t even miss your traditional dessert order.

There are no rules when deciding which desserts to pair with Byrd wine, so follow your heart! As a guide, red wines are typically paired with heavier, creamier, and darker desserts (so probably not a vanilla cake or white chocolate truffle), but make the meal your own and trust your instincts.

If you can’t decide between delicious dessert or a bold glass of wine to end a meal — why not opt for both? Our smooth, low tannin wines make a perfect pair with a number of decadent desserts to make a memorable and unique meal experience.

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