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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

When it comes to wine and food pairings, Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to match a hearty and delicious comfort meal with a rich and sophisticated glass of red wine. Byrd Vineyard’s selection of high-altitude red wines offer fruity and autumnal flavors, smooth and velvety texture, and soft tannins, perfect for pairing with the appetizers, sides, entrees, and even desserts of Thanksgiving dinner. There’s nothing quite like a sweet and succulent glass of red wine on a chilly autumn night, so be sure to enjoy these Thanksgiving wine pairings when celebrating with family and friends soon!

2010 Byrd Cabernet Shiners

Subtly sweet and intensely succulent, Byrd Vineyard’s 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect wine to enjoy with home-cooked comfort food and warm conversation on a brisk late-November evening. Full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon pairs amazingly with meat, so your entree and wine pairing are sure to complement each other perfectly — whether your family enjoys traditional turkey or a variety of other meats such as filet mignon, baked ham, or prime rib. Big meaty dishes with rich and herbaceous sauces bring out the earthy tones in the wine while counteracting the drying sensation from the tannins — resulting in a match made in heaven. 

Cabernet Sauvignon also pairs amazingly with cheese, so a charcuterie appetizer or even a cheese board for dessert filled with sharp cheddar and smoky gouda would steal the show before or after Thanksgiving dinner. Additionally, roasted vegetables seasoned with plenty of herbs including garlic, rosemary, mint, and dried mushrooms bring out delicious herbal notes in the wine, resulting in an unexpectedly perfect pairing. Lastly, Cabernet Sauvignon can also make a beautifully delectable dessert wine when paired with rich and bold flavors including dark chocolate, hazelnuts, and berries to bring out the flavors of red and black fruits in the deep and smooth wine. 

Serving Tip

When serving Cabernet Sauvignon on Thanksgiving, remember to open the bottle one to three hours before serving, allowing the aromas and flavors to fully develop before tasting. Also, don’t forget to serve at room temperature and to pour the wine into a large wine glass, allowing the aromas and flavors to fully strengthen as the wine comes into contact with more air. 

2010 Byrdeaux Red Wine

Dense with fruity flavors and autumnal aromas including rich berry, sweet tobacco leaf, nutmeg, and black currant, Byrd Vineyard’s 2010 “Byrdeaux” is meant to be consumed with a hearty fall meal! As smooth and velvety as it is sophisticated, our Bordeaux is the perfect wine to pair with appetizers and meats of all varieties, along with all of the delicious side dishes that Thanksgiving is known and loved for. This softer and less tannic wine pairs beautifully with cheese, making it the perfect accompaniment for a pre-dinner cheese board or a side dish of rich and creamy homemade macaroni and cheese. Fruit-forward wines like Bordeaux pair amazingly with sharp cheddar, smoky gouda, or nutty Gruyere. 

Our Byrdeaux would also be remiss if not paired with meat! Whether warming up on a cold November night with a hearty roast lamb, seared sirloin, or turkey with gravy, full bodied red wines like Bordeaux enhance the meat’s flavors and help the dish come alive. Rich juices from the meat, along with the earthy tones from side vegetables such as mushrooms, pronounced herbs in savory dishes like stuffing, and creamy sides like mashed potatoes, deliciously complement our round, smooth, and supple red wine. Not to mention, fruit-forward dishes including cranberry sauce and chocolate-berry desserts help pronounce the aromas and flavors of red fruits and rich blueberries that our Byrdeaux gracefully awakens.

How to Choose the Best Thanksgiving Wine for You

Both our rich Cabernet Sauvignon and our delicious “Byrdeaux” would make a fine Thanksgiving wine pairing along with plenty of savory comfort food and conversation with family and friends. Both varieties of bold red wines are complete with velvety  tannins, medium acidity, and succulent fruit flavors — making a delicious complement for anything from a pre-dinner cheese board to a rich chocolate cake for dessert. With both options lusciously smooth and sophisticated, the perfect Thanksgiving wine for you depends on your personal taste preferences! While similar, there are a few minor flavor differences that can help determine your ideal wine pairing. 

Aged in French oak, Cabernet Sauvignon is characterized as having a more rich and oaky flavor, as well as higher alcohol content than its relative, the Bordeaux. Cabernet Sauvignon also has strong aromas of warm spice and sweet vanilla as well as a more intense flavor of ripe fruit. The Bordeaux, on the other hand, has a more subtle fruit flavor as well as a stronger element of minerality. This red wine variety is characterized as being very concentrated, powerful, and smooth, as well as being full of sweet flavors and autumnal aromas of nutmeg, coffee, and spices. Both of these wines are sure to fantastically accompany your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, and if you are having trouble deciding between them, we recommend that you try both! 

Cabernet SauvignonBordeaux
Rich and Oaky Flavor
Higher Alcohol Content
Aromas of Warm Spice and Sweet Vanilla
More Intense Fruit Flavor
Flavors of Nutmeg, Coffee, Spices
Lower Alcohol Content
Stronger Element of Minerality
More Subtle Fruit Flavor

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