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We’ve pioneered Cabernet Sauvignon in California’s most unique winemaking region, complete with the area’s highest elevations for the purest fruit and boldest flavor. Some of the best new California wines you’ll taste…from the best California wine region you’ve never heard of. 


Double Gold Medal Winner

San Francisco Wine Chronicle Wine  Competition 2016

2012 Byrd Vineyard RESERVE Cabernet Sauvignon Mendocino | Estate Grown

This unique wine is a Double Gold Medal winner for a reason! With beautifully integrated aromas of cassis and dark chocolate lifting from the glass, just one smooth and silky sip will have you coming back for more. Bold flavors of racy black cherry, fresh-from-the-oven wild blackberry pie, and sweet French oak combined with silky yet powerful tannins make for a one-of-a-kind wine you’ve never experienced before.

pH 3.62
TA 0.694
100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Silver Medal Winner

San Francisco Wine Chronicle Wine  Competition 2016

2012 Byrd Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Mendocino | Estate Grown

Fruity aromas open slowly in perfect sync with a fine meal and riveting conversation. Layers of red and black currants reveal flavors of warm spice and sweet vanilla. This bold, full-bodied wine leaves you with a lingering, lengthy finish.

pH 3.60
TA 0.673
95.5% Cabernet Sauvignon;
4.5% Merlot

Silver Medal Winner

San Francisco Wine Chronicle Wine  Competition 2016

2012 Byrd Vineyard Red Wine Mendocino | Estate Grown

This smooth deep-red wine perfectly reflects the rich soil and careful hand-farming that went into the growing of its fruit. Light and energetic, layers of crisp and bold fruit move seamlessly from aroma to finish. This wine is beautifully paired with marbled beef or sharp cheeses.

pH 3.60
TA 0.686
82.2% Cabernet Sauvignon;
5.5% Cabernet Franc; 12.3% Merlot

Our Vineyard

The finest wines have always been the product of place, soil, terroir, elevation:

Byrd Vineyard is blessed with both unique mountainous terrain and extremely high elevation — the highest-elevation vineyards in California, in fact.  From the geographical perspective alone, this is one of the most special places in California. From the vigneron’s perspective, this far-northern end of the Mayacamas Range offers persistent sunshine without too much heat — enabling balanced phenolics of brilliant ripeness and acidity. Virtually nothing intrudes between the mountain and the Pacific Coast in this remote new wine region.

A combination of optimal soil conditions, farming by hand, and attention to each and every detail results in distinctly special wine. Byrd Vineyard has earned elite praise exclusive to the tiniest fraction of vineyards of this vintage, including several awards at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. At 2400 feet above elevation, this is extreme farming…150 days here is like 180 days on the valley floor: the vines don’t shut down, resulting in a longer growing season.


The higher you get above elevation, the sun radiates more, resulting in softer tannins and higher acids. Wines from altitude carry distinctive characteristics: richer extraction, higher intensity of phenolics and photosynthesis, and more intense UV penetration. All of these altitude-specific qualities yield rounded, elegant, beautifully balanced examples of extract and finesse. 

So far above the fog line, the cooler temperatures produce smaller, significantly more intense berries and phenolics. Occasional temperature inversions hasten ripening and stave off frost. The quality of grapes, intensity of flavor, and decades of hard work and passion of Bruce truly shine through in our Byrd Vineyard wines.


Above the fog line at this high altitude, our soils have no shortage of volcanic ferrous content… after all, this is the extension of the Mayacamas Range. This uniquely amazing soil gives fruit precise clarity that you can only get at such high elevation. Soon to be recognized as one of California’s top regions for Cabernet, Byrd Vineyard has its elevated position and uniquely nutrient-rich soil to thank for its award-winning wine selection.


Ten years ago mountain pioneer Bruce Byrd began climbing these peaks and exploring these volcanic soils. 

Both passionate about high-quality wine and interested in creating a family business to employ and benefit the local community, Bruce began farming the mountainous terrain by hand, resulting in a highly celebrated and award-winning vineyard.  Bruce’s passion for excellent wine and dedication to the traditional winemaking process truly shine through in each bottle of his delicious wines.


Byrd Vineyard’s Estate Wines Are Now Available

Bruce Byrd and his tight-knit family of local winemakers harvest each grape by hand, meticulously working to emphasize the ripe, bright, and unique character of Byrd’s Estate Vineyard wines.

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