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The Passing of a Wine Legend: Steven Spurrier

On March 9, 2021, the world lost a legend. Steven Spurrier wore many hats and had many talents, among them: wine merchant, expert, critic, and organizer. But he was also a wine enthusiast, devoted husband, father, grandfather, and friend. He

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How to let Wine Breathe

To breathe or not to breathe; that is the question. Of course, we’re talking about wine here. And more importantly, how do we let our wine breathe? Is it necessary? Will it improve my experience? Let’s take a look.  What

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Perfect Wine for a Picnic

Despite the fact that much of the country is buried in snow right now, that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming of the warmer weather of spring and summer! Don’t worry: sunny days, summer food, outdoor dates with friends, and delicious

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Wines for the Season

“Time will pass, and seasons will come and go.” -Roy Bean With every seasonal change, we make changes in our lives. Our clothes change, our habits change, and our tastes change. Much like food comes in and out of season

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The Perfect Wines to Pair with Appetizers

When talking about pairing wine with different foods, it’s easy to fall back on tried and true suggestions. A hearty cabernet sauvignon and a great steak, for instance, are a natural pairing. But, in reality, most foods pair well with

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Top Wines Under $50

Since the spring of 2020, wine drinkers have been working their way through their wine collections — many of us at a faster pace than anticipated. In fact, wine sales have increased about 24% in the fall of 2020 compared

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